As more and more people join the fabulous #MatExp community, they may not know the origins of #MatExp, co-founded by Florence Wilcock and Gill Phillips in 2014.

People may not realise that we published the original Whose Shoes? scenarios and poems at the beginning of 2015, before maternity hit the national spotlight and the national maternity review was announced.

The resources were used at all the national maternity review listening events and helped enrich and shape the conversations that led to ‘Better Births’.

People ask for ‘evidence’ of what #MatExp Whose Shoes? has achieved…

And so we bring you our #MatExp 12 Days of Christmas, published in the lead up to Christmas 2018, summarising some of the biggest achievements and outcomes to date. We have helped serve as catalysts. The big achievements have only happened because fantastic people have come together and found that individually we can all make a difference, but TOGETHER we can ‘be the change’.

Each of these ‘things that #MatExp brought us’ has a story behind it; sometimes a big one. Who knows, one day we might get round to writing THAT book. But in the meantime, this is all we have time for. So if you want to know more, please join #MatExp. And most importantly, keep adding to the story. These small or large individual contributions are how positive change will keep happening.

Remember those heart values – all of us working together to improve maternity care. Thank you!

Flo Wilcock and Gill Phillips

MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 1
Intra partum care
MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 2
Slider for website - pmh coming soon- 660
MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 2a
1st draft - design - NP poem - theoretical mummy - Copy
MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 3
Graphic - find out what people want
Don't forget the Dads - Copy
MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 4
May the fourth - Bristol
#MatExp Whose Shoes Bristol event - short clip
MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 5
Better Birth report
Baroness Cumberlege - WS - Copy
Continuity- WS selection Cumberlege
safe and personalised care
MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 6
MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 7
London Ambulance banner with shoes
MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 8
MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 8a
Galway 2 - Copy
MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 9
RCOG mag - front cover
RCOG mag - double page
MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 10
Case studies - 2 booklets with shoes
Flo receives toolkit and card - Copy
MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 11
Expo - Matexp the Musical - Copy
#MatExp the Musical taster - NHS Expo 2017
Expo postits slide - pmh
Gill, Jo, Cyril - Taunton
MatExp 12 days of Christmas Day 12
Lithotomy challenge graphic
File 25-01-2016, 22 36 20
Actions - NHS CD - Copy
#MatExp heart values
Different perspectives - Copy - Copy
#MatExp bakeoff - Copy
Lin ward Warwick StopNCelebrate
Fun - Copy (3)
Gill with baby - Cumbria
MindNBody - 3 regions
Graphic - small things make a difference
File 25-01-2016, 01 28 24
How would you feel?
Anyone can make chage - women and families slide
Language matters!
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And, new for 2019, our #MindNBody campaign – using new crowdsourced
Whose Shoes? scenarios and poems to spark crucial conversations around perinatal mental health. A holistic approach, looking to improve the experiences of women and families, including prevention and early intervention. The resources were launched at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in December 2018 and a diverse mix of people involved in the project made a two minute video for the days of Advent, which are compiled into a single film here:

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