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Michele Upton, Patient Safety Lead, Maternity and Newborns, NHS England. Midwife and neonatal nurse of over twenty years. Passion for improving safety through  cohesive teamwork to ensure best care for women, their babies and therefore their families.

Several meetings this month with clinical experts exploring how we take forward all the priorities identified as part of reducing full term babies being admitted to neonatal units where these were avoidable. Love to hear from you if you are involved in anything being done locally! Email [email protected]


Jenny Clarke, Midwife, North West England. My mission is not only to increase the amount of skin to skin contact that each newborn receives at birth  but also to inform more future mothers about why skin to skin matters. Every health care professional who is a birth worker has a duty to the world to understand, promote and facilitate skin to skin contact in line with UNICEF and WHO recommendations.

My action is to continue my quest that each and every newborn (regardless of type of birth) is held skin to skin immediately at birth and that this continues during the postnatal period.  I plan to change the age old tradition of weighing newborns immediately and to give women courage to demand that weighing takes place  when their newborn child  is more than two hours old

I will do this by presenting at conferences , tweeting and campaigning with support from the #MatExp team

The impact of my action will be better long term physical and mental health for the mother , child and family – an increase in breast feeding rates both resulting in a positive cultural change globally.

I tweet as @JennyTheM  – I am continuously indebted to all health care workers on social media who share and spread the public health issue that is skin to skin.


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