Thank you for volunteering to tweet on behalf of @MatExpBazaar for a week. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you on your way. We are looking for people to enthuse, energise and motivate others to take action and get involved in improving maternity care.

There are just over three years left of the maternity transformation programme ‘Better Births’ trying to bring about safe and personalised maternity care, we need to seize this opportunity to bring about positive change.

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We want to hear from anyone whatever their role, be it healthcare professional, service user, commissioner, researcher, early adopter … we want to hear from those working on large projects such as digital transformation and tariff as well as those making small changes in their daily practice. We know there is lots of good stuff going on and lots of fabulous people out there with the common purpose of improving maternity and newborn care. So let’s get connecting and changing!

 A few ground rules (hopefully obvious ones as we don’t like rules!)

#MatExp firmly believes that everyone’s view is to be respected and we role model ‘no hierarchy just people’. Please role model this behaviour when tweeting using the account.

 Write a short bio and use it as a pinned tweet at the start of your week so people know who you are, and ideally add a photo of yourself to your profile. Please feel free to be as creative as possible: artwork, songs, blogs, photos, Steller stories and videos draw people in.

Choose a week that you feel is most interesting, perhaps coinciding with a particular project event or meeting but don’t worry if it is just your normal day-to-day work. We know some people work shifts so the week does not have to be Monday to Friday, 9 to 5  you can be as flexible as you like, in fact it will be great to demonstrate how maternity is a true 24/7 service.

We’d absolutely love to have women and partners take a turn, perhaps you are pregnant now or would like to share your experiences of little things that staff did that made a difference to you.

Please remember the usual rules from NMC and GMC about confidentiality and social media use.

As usual we will be making this up as we go along so feel free to suggest anything else that is needed to help you on your way, we will be learning as we go along.

Contact us on [email protected]

 Best wishes
 Flo and Gill

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