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Taking #MatExp into 2016

#MatExp In Action – Latest Projects from the Maternity World!

Digital Technology – National Maternity Review

First & Second Trimester Loss Study Day – The Pinks N Blues CIC

GPIFN – GP Infant Feeding Network

Growing Families Conference – Manchester

Homebirth Conference – Manchester

Hospitalbreastfeeding – campaign for better breastfeeding support on paediatrics

Life With Baby, Kent – online peer support for those experiencing postnatal mental health issues

LTHT Maternity Event in Leeds – Leeds #MatExp WhoseShoes workshop

MyBirthMyBody – from Maternity Matters

Open Letter on Breastfeeding – The World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi)

Perinatal Mental Health Network

PND&Me – updated website

Showing Thanks – sharing a “thank you” with maternity teams

Tell Me A Good Birth Story

Women’s Voices in #MatExp – blog series

Antenatal Preparation – Expectations vs Reality

Why Are So Many Mums Struggling? – Emma Jane Sasaru

Developing Confident Parents – classes from Vesta Birth and Parenting


Time to Act on Anxiety – #MatExp

The Truth About Hypnobirthing – Suzy Ashworth

How Hypnobirthing is Taking the Fear out of Childbirth – Kirsteen O’Sullivan

Breathing Life – The Power of the Breath – Doula Paris

Fear of Childbirth, or Fear of Medicalisation? – Sara Wickham

Women’s Choices, Expectations & Experiences in Childbirth – Claudia Malacrida

Disenfranchised Grief in Postpartum Women – Rumyana P. Kudeva

Therapy after a Traumatic Pregnancy – Louisa Leaman

Overcome Birth Trauma – Natal Hypnotherapy

Postnatal Recovery – Natal Hypnotherapy

Trauma Releasing Exercises – TRE College

Pregnancy After Loss Support – Facebook page

Baby Loss Study Days – Midwifery & Nursing Online

Managing Symptoms of Birth Trauma

Maternity Matters Peer Support Facebook group

Centrepoint Stress Relief Tool website

Guidance and Help – Campaign for Safer Births

Overcome Birth Trauma website

Birth Trauma Association Facebook group

What do you want people to know about birth trauma?

A health baby is not all that matters – Milli Hill

Birth Trauma and PTSD – Raising Awareness – Emma Jane Sasaru

Birth after Trauma – Alisha’s Birth Story – Emma Jane Sasaru

Promoting Respect and Preventing Mistreatment during Childbirth – BJOG

This is what I want you to know – ghostwritermum

Pregnancy After Birth Trauma

Vaginal Examinations in Labour – Magical Birth

Risk, Safety and Normal Birth – Magical Birth

A Healthy Baby Isn’t All That Matters – Double Crunch

Those Two Blue Lines – ghostwritermummy

Letter Of My Life – ghostwritermummy

Pregnancy After Birth Trauma – ghostwritermummy

What Happens When We Don’t Listen To Women? – ghostwritermummy

Choosing a Caesarean, and Having That Choice Refused – SouthwarkBelle

Pregnancy After Birth Trauma – heartmummy

Body Image

Birth Trauma & Body Image – ghostwritermummy

The Post-Birth Body – ghostwritermummy

The Shape Of A Mother website

Body Image of Mothers – Diana West IBCLC

Breasts, Body Image & Sexuality – Lisa Hassan Scott

007 breasts website

Bare Reality website

Breastfeeding Support On Children’s Wards

#MatExpHour Round Up – heartmummy

HospitalBreastfeeding – heartmummy

Caesarean Birth

A Perfect Caesarean Section, Complete with Skin-to-Skin – Krystal Cleaver

Caesarean Section – Let’s Dispel Some Myths – Our Rach

Caesarean in Focus – Clare Goggin

One Year – Laura Wood

Another Section is not a Solution – Laura Wood

Rachel’s Home VBAC – Gentle Caesarean Birth – Cambridge VBAC Friends

Rachel’s Story of a Gentle Caesarean Birth – Cambridge VBAC Friends

PND and Caesarean Section – Have You Seen That Girl?

The Early Section – Family Fever

The Premature Section – Family Fever

The Crash Section – Family Fever

The Last Section – Family Fever

Ghostwritermum Caesarean Birth posts:

Care Quality Commission Maternity Survey

2015 Survey Results – CQC

Maternity Care Experiences – CQC

Share Your Experience – CQC

Musings on the CQC Survey – Florence Wilcock

Still Some Way To Go – Gill Phillips

My Maternity Care for #YourMaternityCare – Leigh Kendall

#MatExp Lithotomy Challenge – Florence Wilcock & Gill Phillips

Visual Aids for Birthing Positions – Royal College of Midwives

Round up of Twitter Chat – Florence Wilcock

Dads & Partners

Time to Act for Dads & Partners – #MatExp

Dads Matter – Mark Williams

Fathers Reaching Out – Mark Williams

Postnatal Depression in Dads – NCT

Fathers’ Mental Health – Institute of Health Visiting

PND Dads: What You Can Do – Dad Info

Birth Trauma – Dads & Partners – Caesarean In Focus

Being a Birth Partner – The Frog Pyjamas

#MatExp for Deaf Parents

Deaf Nest Conference 2016 – book now!

DeafNest Conference

Deaf Nest Promotional Video

Learn Some Basic Sign Language – Action on Hearing Loss

Why all NHS staff should learn some Basic Sign Language – NHS Change Day

Breastfeeding Support webchat – National Breastfeeding Helpline


What is the Purpose of Debriefing Women in the Postnatal Period? – RCM

Why Hasn’t Birth Debrief Worked Very Well? – Birthing For Blokes

Birth Debrief – Alternative Ways of Supporting Trauma event

Closing The Bones (alternative ways of addressing trauma) – MagicalBirth

Psychological Debriefing is a Waste of Time – The British Journal of Psychiatry

The Importance of the Birth Debrief – Lauren Berrett

9 Words I Wish I Never Heard – Meg Kant


eRedbook – your baby’s digital health record

Use of the word “failure”

I wish I could ban the word “failure” – Emma Jane Sasaru

#MatExpHour Failure to Progress – Mandy Bellenger

Midwives and Health Visitors – collaborative working

Time to Act for Better Collaboration – #MatExp

What Health Visitors Do – The Basics – Jenny Harmer

Health Visiting and Midwifery Partnership Pathway – Public Health England

#MatExp On Tour in Manchester – heartmummy

#WeMidwives Twitter chat summary – WeMidwives

#WeMidwives Twitter chat round up – heartmummy

A health visiting / midwifery partnership from UCLan – Charlotte Smith & Neesha Ridle

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Pregnancy Sickness Support website

Pregnancy Sickness Support on Facebook

The Unempathic Society – spewingmummy

Spewing Mummy on Facebook

The Stigma of Taking Medications for Sickness in Pregnancy – Caitlin Dean

Neurodevelopmental delay in children exposed in utero to HG – European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Familial Aggregation of Hyperemesis Gravidarum – University of Southern California


The Truth About Hypnobirthing – Suzy Ashworth

Using Hypnobirthing Techniques in Labour – Doula Paris

Hypnobirthing – Sprogcast Episode 10

In the Eye of the Beholder – Emma Jane Sasaru

It Wasn’t My Fault – Keeping It Eclectic

Induction of Labour

Induction – Cascade – Caesarean Section? – SouthwarkBelle

Intrauterine Growth Restriction

An IUGR Story – Child Growth Foundation

IUGR – A Guide for Parents & Patients – Child Growth Foundation

Fetal Growth – Perinatal Institute

Intrauterine Growth Restriction – Patient website

Made to Measure Campaign – MAMA Academy

Made to Measure, A Perfect Fit After All – ghostwritermummy

An IUGR Baby, The Story With A Happy Ending – ghostwritermummy

Maternal Mobility and Malposition in Labour

Pre-Chat Notes – Unlocking Birth

Does Baby’s Position Matter in Labour? – Unlocking Birth

Training – The Breech Birth Network – The Midwife, The Mother and The Breech

Emerging Evidence for Upright Breech Birth – The Midwife, The Mother and The Breech

Application of Assisted Deliveries Ball – CNKI.com

Who Decides The Position For Birth? – Journal of the Australian College of Midwives

spinningbabies website

Help! My Baby is Back to Back – Dr Matthew Prior

Twitter Chat Round-up – Unlocking Birth

Maternity Notes – Access & Language

Accessing your Records – birthrights

Understanding your Notes – Birth Trauma Association

What Does #MatExp Mean To You?

The #MatExp Lithotomy Challenge – Florence Wilcock

#MatExp Survey – The Results Are In! – heartmummy

Why the Wonderful #MatExp has Given me Hope – Emma Jane Sasaru

Reflecting on #MatExp and the Impact it is Having – Victoria Morgan

Putting the Heart into #MatExp – Heart Values – Emma Jane Sasaru

The FUNdamentals of Building a Change Platform – Gill Phillips

This Time Last Year….. – Gill Phillips

Proving That You Don’t Have To Ask For Permission To Make Change – Gill Phillips

WhoseShoes Confirmed That My Shoes Have Climbed A Mountain – Michelle Quashie

No Hierarchy, Just People – Gill Phillips

Twitter Chat Round Up – heartmummy

National Maternity Review Report

National Maternity Review Report – NHS England

Safe Care is Personalised Care – Mary Newburn

Birthrights Responds – Birthrights

Update on NHS Maternity Review – Royal College of Midwives

Positive Birth Movement Responds – Positive Birth Movement

What Can We All Agree On? – Dr Matthew Prior

Cherished Memory – Roy Lilley

A Personal View From A Member Of The Review Team – Annie Francis

What Does Choice Mean? – southwarkbelle

Thoughts on the National Maternity Review – James Titcombe

Night-time Support on the Postnatal Ward

Pre-Twitter Chat Information from Caesarean in Focus

Equal Rights and Staying Overnight – 23weeksocks

The Longest Night of my Life – heartmummy

36+2 Dangerously Understaffed – heartmummy

Time to Act for Dads & Partners – #MatExp

Postnatal Care – My After the Birth Story – SouthwarkBelle

Postnatal Care after CS – A Poem – helenyoungmidwife

The Postnatal Period should not be an Endurance Test – Beyond the Birthing Suite

Twitter Chat Round Up – from Caesarean in Focus

“Normal” Birth

Normal not Normal – Southwark Belle

When Normal Seems To Be The Hardest Word – MatExp

Normal Birth Is Not Always Normal – heartmummy

What is ‘Normal’ Anyway? – Leigh Kendall

Risk, Safety and Normal Birth – Selina Wallis

Peer Support – What Is Helpful?

Birth Trauma Association Facebook Page

PND and Me – host of #PNDHour on Twitter

How a Modern Day Village is Helping me Raise my Child – Maya and the Moon

Pregnancy Complications

Stories from the Heart – congenital heart defect – heartmummy

HELLP Syndrome – Still Processing the Events 10 Months on – Leigh Kendall

An IUGR Baby: And Then It’s All Over – ghostwritermum

Postpartum Hypothyroidism, Pregnancy and Being a Bit of a Divvy – SouthwarkBelle

Pre-Labour Premature Rupture of Membranes (PPROM)

Little Heartbeats website

Till It Happens To You – PPROM Aware Video

We Are Not Alone – Little Heartbeats PPROM Awareness

PPROM Awareness on Facebook


#MatExpHour Stillbirth Storify

Stillbirth Stories website

MAMA Academy website

The Day The Whole World Went Away – Shoebox of Memories

Wake Up Babies – Shoebox of Memories

It’s Not All Rainbows and Unicorns – Shoebox of Memories

NHS Maternity Review – Our Say – Shoebox of Memories

Taking on Stigma and Taboo – Shoebox of Memories

Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle – NHS England

Baby Loss Study Days – Midwifery & Nursing Online

Remember my Baby website

Reduced Movements in Pregnancy – ghostwritermummy

Reduced Foetal Movements – Maternity Care in the Media – Let’s Talk Midwifery

Bereavement Support for Parents – Leigh Kendall

Harrogate Dad

Student Midwives for #MatExp

StudentMidwife.NET website

Thou Shall Not Pass – Alison Brindle (student midwife)

Why Your Voice Matters

When There Are No Words – The Smile Group

Letting My Voice Be Heard – Emma Jane Sasaru

Someone Listened To Me – Ghostwritermum

It’s Complicated – heartmummy

Do Not Silence Me – Emma Jane Sasaru

Gratitude – heartmummy

World Prematurity Day

Thoughts for World Prematurity Day – Leigh Kendall

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – 23WeekSocks

Navigating the Challenges – NICU – Emma Sasaru

Not Even A Bag Of Sugar blogspot – Kylie Hodges

Social Media and Premature Babies – Kylie Hodges

PTSD – The Hidden Cost of NICU – The Smallest Things

Neonatal Care Services Need Investment Now – The Guardian


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